A Japanese practice of hands-on energy healing; it is an excellent tool for the release of energetic blockages and aiding the physical healing process. As all things are made of energy, and humans are energetic beings, the open flow of energy is one of the pillars of our health and wellbeing. Reiki is an excellent tool for the release of energetic blockages. During a Reiki treatment, you will be lying comfortably on a massage table while fully clothed. Gentle music will play in the background so that you may enter a state of relaxation. It is quite common for people receiving Reiki to fall asleep! During your session, Fiona places her hands on or above the body’s in a set pattern in order to channel energy. Through this channelling of “ki” (energy) Reiki promotes relaxation, enhances your body’s natural restorative abilities and provides energetic re-balancing on all levels - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

30 Minute Session - $45.20 (Intro to Reiki)

60 Minute Session - $84.75

90 Minute Session - $113.00



Money Karma Drama Healing Session:

Time to be free of limiting beliefs and patterns of money.  Have the ability to connect to your abundant mindset and move forward with your financial goals. You can learn what is holding you back and how to continue your healing.  In this healing session you will gently identify your limits and obstacles and release them through energy healing and NLP.  You will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to achieve your goals. 

60 Minute Session - $84.75



Relationship Makeover Healing Session:

This session is perfect for the person struggling with the following:  self-love, finding a romantic partner or connecting with other people.  This healing will help you identify your limiting patterns or habits that are sabotaging your progress.  You can learn what is holding you back and how to continue your healing.  In this healing session you will gently identify your limits and obstacles and release them through energy healing and NLP.  You will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and have a new perspective on your relationship potential.   

60 Minute Session - $84.75



Past Life Freedom Healing Session:

Are you constantly setting goals and then you stop or give up? Are you guilty of self-sabotage?  Do you feel like you are in a rut and just can’t break out a of a vicious cycle?  This may be due to past life (either previous lives or your early childhood) events and patterns that are dominant in your subconscious.  Through energy healing and NLP you can identify patterns and emotions that are holding you back and gently release them.  You will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to set new goals and succeed. 

60 Minute Session - $84.75



Soul Star Life Purpose Activation:

This is a potent and powerful activation session and should follow at least two of the above healing sessions, so you have a healthy mindset and balanced energy.  A client will be able to connect to their Soul Star and work on removing layers and limiting beliefs to provide clarity.  You will remove fear and replace it with security and love. The first 30 minutes are a Life Map coaching session to reveal interests and set a vision.  The following 60 minutes are focused on healing and releasing.  By the end of the session you will have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and will be able to navigate your mindset to stay on track. 

90 Minute Session - $124.30


3 Card Spread (Angel / Oracle / Tarot Card reading):

You can come prepared with one question and we will work through a 3-card reading with the deck of your choice.  If you are faced with a fork in the road or a minor dilemma these readings can give you some clarity and direction.

15 Minute Session - $28.25


Themed Reading (Angel/ Oracle / Tarot Card reading):

In this reading we can do a specific card spread for love, work, career, health or freestyle.  This is more in-depth and provides more guidance with past present and future needs.  Prior to reading you will need to state which theme and deck you would like to use so they are present at the office. 

30 Minute Session - $45.20


Full Year Reading (Angel / Oracle / Tarot Card reading):

12 cards for each month of the year.  This reading can be done at any time of the year.  This is perfect reading for planning your goals and events for the year.  It will provide guidance and support for building new skills and connecting with different people.  It will also assist you in connecting more deeply with your guides and guardians. 

60 Minutes Session - $84.75


Shiatsu is a Japanese non-invasive therapy using thumb, palm, elbow and stretching to stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal itself, treating a variety of conditions. Pressure is adjusted to the client’s comfort level and can range from light and gentle to strong and vigorous. Shiatsu literally means finger pressure and is often referred to as Acupuncture without the needles as it is founded on similar principles. Treatments directly address the nervous system, helping to down-regulate the sympathetic (fight & flight) and up-regulate the parasympathetic (rest & digest) nervous systems. The goal of shiatsu is to improve body functions, prevent illness and promote overall health and well-being. Please note that the receiver wears comfortable clothing as no oils or draping of sheets

are used. 

45 Minute Session - $73.45

60 Minute Session - $90.40

75 Minute Session - $107.35

90 Minute Session - $135.60