Services with Fiona:




Reiki is a traditional form of energy healing from Japan.  Reiki means “Universal Healing Energy” and it is a gentle hands-on or off experience.  The purpose is to create a deep state of relaxation for the client.  This relieves stress on the immune system and allows it to repair more easily.  After a session a client feels relaxed, energized, and able to think clearly.  It is common for them to have a great night’s rest and more focus.


Tapping / EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)


Tapping is a simple therapy where we use key phrases while tapping on specific meridian points on the body.  The goal is to shift a negative emotional state/response to the phrase.  The negative emotional state may be anxiety, pain, fear, depression, or a mental block.  Through the tapping process the client releases the negative emotional state and becomes ‘neutral’.  This allows them to heal and reset their beliefs and actions.  This is very helpful in pain management (can reduce chronic pain but not the source of the pain so it needs to be done a regular basis), anxiety, insomnia, depression, weight loss and self-love.  This therapy was discovered by Gary Craig and is connected to Thought Field Therapy by Dr. Roger Callahan.




Hypnotherapy is a gentle way to add positive suggestion, healing beliefs and motivation while in a hypnotic state.  What is hypnosis?  It is a type of guided meditation when you are experiencing alpha wave or theta wave activity.  Essentially, when you close your eyes to relax you are entering alpha wave activity.  When you relax even further beyond daydreaming but a deep meditative state that is theta wave activity.  You typically turn off your negative ‘self-talk’ and can absorb information easily.  In a hypnotherapy session the practitioner will discuss your goals and the purpose of the session (10-15 mins).  Then the client will relax and experience a personalized guided meditation with their suggestions and beliefs placed in the meditation (15-30 mins).  Clients can record the session to listen to each night before bed.  This is a wonderful session for those that need to shift habits, reduce anxiety, improve self-confidence and/or reduce negative self-talk.



Intro to Quantum Healing:

40 minutes $45


Quantum healing is energy-based healing.  No medicine or supplements are used.  The focus is using your body to modify, shift and activate based on your needs.  The intro session is your choice of my services. 


Quantum Healing Session

60 minutes $65


You can choose one or two of the services based on your needs. 


Complete Quantum Healing Session

75 minutes $80


You can choose two of the services based on your needs.


SHIATSU by Melissa:

Shiatsu is a Japanese non-invasive therapy using thumb, palm, elbow and stretching to stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal itself, treating a variety of conditions. Pressure is adjusted to the client’s comfort level and can range from light and gentle to strong and vigorous. Shiatsu literally means finger pressure and is often referred to as Acupuncture without the needles as it is founded on similar principles. Treatments directly address the nervous system, helping to down-regulate the sympathetic (fight & flight) and up-regulate the parasympathetic (rest & digest) nervous systems. The goal of shiatsu is to improve body functions, prevent illness and promote overall health and well-being. Please note that the receiver wears comfortable clothing as no oils or draping of sheets

are used. 

45 Minute Session - $73.45

60 Minute Session - $90.40

75 Minute Session - $107.35

90 Minute Session - $135.60