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Regular Registered Massage Therapy Treatment


You will experience a mix of Swedish Massage techniques and advanced Massage Techniques such as trigger point work, fascial work or more depending on your goals for your treatment. Pressure of the techniques will also vary, please specify to your Therapist any preferences or sensitivities in these areas that you may have.

These treatments are available in different lengths.

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Child/Youth Registered Massage Therapy Treatment

This is an option for children ages 0-12. Its a shorter option if the 30 minute massage seems a little bit too long.

This treatment provides enough time to do a general full body massage or a focused treatment to a specific area of complaint. Therapist will use all the same techniques as with the other Registered Massages but pressure will stay between light - moderate depending on the child's age, size and complaints. This is a good option even if there are no specific complaints to help your child relax and become accustomed to a therapeutic relationship. The parents are welcome to remain in the room until the child is comfortable with the therapist.

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Cupping Therapy

Enjoy a Registered Massage Therapy Treatment with some added Umph!!

During a Cupping session, silicon cups are placed over certain areas of restriction. The suction from the cups pulls blood from areas of restriction and forces toxins to enter the lymphatic system where they will be discarded. Cupping lifts and pulls tissues apart from each other opening vascular pathways and helping tissues to release from restrictions.

These treatments are available in different lengths.

*Book with Bayleigh, Meg or Keeley

TMJ Treatment

These 45 minute treatments will be designed to treat your specific TMJ dysfunction. During these treatments the therapist will perform techniques to the specific muscles that are causing or contributing to the dysfunction. The areas treated may include back, neck, shoulder, face, scalp and even some muscles inside the mouth. This will all be explained before the treatment .

Massage Therapy for TMJ issues can provide relief from several symptoms such as: biting/chewing discomfort, discomfort/aching in the face, headache, jaw pain/tenderness, reduced range of motion at the jaw, neck/shoulder pain.

*Book with Bayleigh or Keeley

Indie Head Massage

Indie head massage is a 45 minute relaxation massage involving deep tissue massage and fascial work along the face, scalp, neck and shoulders while incorporating warm oil poured along your scalp and hair (this step is optional). This treatment can help to decrease stress, tension and frequency of headaches and migraines.

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Sculpting Facial Massage Therapy Treatment

This is a relaxing deep tissue facial massage involving treatment to scalp, neck, shoulders and face. This massage includes facial sculpting, lymphatic drainage, gua sha and intra-oral tension release while hydrating and cleansing the skin.

Available in 60 and 75 minute sessions

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Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage incorporates the use of heat-retaining volcanic rock, usually basalt that’s been smoothed by current along river beds following eruption. Stones come in various sizes depending on target areas to be treated.

Heated in water to 110-135 degrees depending on the client.

Stones are placed on various points of the body and incorporated using general Swedish massage techniques throughout the treatment.


✨Relieves muscle pain, spasm, tension & improves muscle relaxation

✨ Helps to repair damaged soft tissues by increasing circulation and promote healing

✨ Increase relaxation & reduce stress


Available in 60, 75 and 90 minute sessions

*Book with Meg

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