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Rosa Graf Facial ($95.00) 

Cleansing, exfoliation under the steam, extractions, Tonic Bath,

massage, mask and cream.


Freshening Facial ($60.00) 

Cleansing, exfoliation with massage under steam,

mask and cream.


Back Experience ($60.00) 

Cleansing, exfoliation, hot towel compressions, extractions,

mask and cream.


Scalp Experience ($45.00)

Designed to relax the mind and encourage circulation.

Warm oil is worked throughout the scalp and neck to relax tight muscles.


Foot Experience ($45.00)

Hot towel compression, stimulating massage with cream to improve

circulation, stimulate muscles, reduce tension and ease pain.


Eyelash Tinting ($25.00)


Eyebrow Tint and Shaping ($18.00)

Eyebrow, Lip ($20.00)


Eyebrow Shaping ($15.00)


Brow,Upper Lip, Chin, Sides waxing ($30.00)


Brow, Upper Lip, Chin waxing ($25.00)

Please inquire about all other waxing services


*Prices do NOT include HST


Method of payment 

Cash, Cheque or e-transfer 


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